Sunday, September 11, 2011

Xtreme Modelling Issue 14

It has come to our realization that some modellers think that the quality and the sophistication of the models and dioramas usually featured in Xtreme Modelling is "too high" and this deters them from purchasing our magazine since they prefer other publications with, let's say, more affordable projects. It is true that in Xtreme Modelling we try to show exceptional models, but that does not mean that the finished models and dioramas shown in our pages are out of the reach of the capabilities or budgets of most of our readers. And to prove this, in this issue we present a couple of articles dealing with great models made "Out Of The Box" (OOTB), that is, models assembled directly from the box, and with very few extra additions. We share the opinion of the authors of these articles that sometimes the super detailing fever goes to far, unnecessarily increasing the costs, in terms of both time and money, to finish a model (the infamous Advanced Modelling Syndrome, or AMS as it is mostly known). The best remedy: choose a good model, make it easy by building it OOTB, and have fun painting it. In a few work sessions our display cabinet will contain a nice new model. That is for sure.