Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Spycraft Manual - The Insider's Guide to Espionage Techniques

To be a professional in any occupation, one must acquire the skills and tools of the trade and in this respect the modern spy is no different. The skills taught to a would-be spy are known as 'tradecraft'. It Is a set of rules, or standard operating procedure. These are diverse, and include agent contact, surveillance, sabotage and a multiplicity of other subjects. In the past, these skills would enable the spy to covertly gather intelligence, but today he finds himself little more than a frontline soldier. Equipped with these tradecraft skills and modern technology, the spy enters the underworld of espionage and counter-terrorism. Here he must operate in a hostile environment, among people of different cultures, faiths and beliefs. It is a world most of us never see, never hear of, but it exists in a layer of society controlled by the most powerful people in government. A new enemy is at our doors - terrorism. Recruitment for the intelligence services has never been so Intense, or so needed. Every year, brave men and women volunteer to be spies, learn their tradecraft skills, and when ready they are sent on operations. Their deeds may be great, but they go unheralded, and failure often results in torture and a slow, painful death.