Friday, September 23, 2011

Prinz Eugen Neuauflage 2003

The heavy cruiser PRINZ EUGEN continues to receive great interest within the community of card modelers. This can't be explained only by it's destiny during and after WWII. The mystifying elegance and outlines continue to intrigue model builders around the world. The history of this ship is comprehensively covered in the referenced literature. Therefore we would like to draw the reader's attention to these books. Following the German notes you will find a list of selected books about the topic. Seven years after the first publication of a Prinz-Eugen-card model by CFM, the small, but highly motivated, publishing company is issuing a second edition of this model totally re-designed by Dieter Pongratz. The shortcomings of the first edition have been completely eliminated. The cfm-card model published in 1996 sold out quite quickly. The publisher and its associated designers received a lot of comments from experienced builders around the world. Encouraged by this and new historical details in terms of plans and pictures, a completely new design was started in 2000. Using Thomas Pleiner's former design as a basis, Dieter Pongratz has designed a masterpiece in card modeling which corrects the shortcomings of the previous design.