Thursday, September 8, 2011

Model Military International 2011-07

The Jackal MWMIK (Mobility Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit) was originally ordered by the Ministry of Defence as an Operational Urgent Requirement for the British armed forces in both Afghanistan & Iraq but to date it has only seen service in Afghanistan. The MoD stated, the Jackal was built to meet the British Army's specific requirements for an agile, well-armed, light patrol vehicle. The Jackal was initially chosen by the MoD as it performed well in trials in comparison to the WMIK and Snatch Land Rovers, which did not have the required mobility over rough terrain. The Land Rover Wolf WMIK (Weapon-Mounted Installation Kit) had become a symbol of the British Military forces in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was orginally chosen for patrol duties instead of armoured fighting vehicles, due to the hearts and minds policy that is followed by British Forces. They have been successful to a certain extent but following a spate of incidents, particularly with lEDs there has been concern that the unarmoured nature of the Wolf exposes the crews to excessive danger. The Land Rover Snatch had been used to supplement the Wolf but whilst the Snatch gave protection against small arms fire it proved vulnerable to mines and lEDs and didn't carry the weaponry that the WMIK did. The terrain and distances in both Iraq and Afghanistan also showed the need for a vehicle with a greater performance off road and heavier armament than what was currently in use.