Sunday, September 11, 2011

Model Magazine International 2011-09

The folks at Hobbyboss whose job it is to choose subjects for model kit production really do seem to be very perceptive. The F-84E is an iconic fighter aircraft from the early age of jets; an extremely attractive and often colourful aircraft and a stunning subject for a 1:32 model kit. And they've really done a fantastic job with it, the box is crammed with some extremely impressive mouldings. The airframe detail consists of recessed panel lines (naturally) and these are gratifyingly delicate, bordered in most cases with equally subtle, engraved flush-rivets (panel fasteners). The larger fasteners (at the wing roots, tail fin stiffener plates etc.,) are depicted with fine rings and appear well in-scale. Both fuselage and wings are treated in this restrained manner and the kit really benefits from it; an impressive exercise in the abstemious application of airframe structural detailing. The cockpit is based around a tub moulding to which are mounted a rear bulkhead, additional console units, rudder pedals and of a course a seat (a choice of two types), the latter being extremely well tackled, although you'll need to source your own harnesses for this as none are provided in the box.