Thursday, September 22, 2011

MJ Pangman | The New Science of Water, September 19, 2011


September 19, 2011�MJ Pangman joins us to discuss her new book that she wrote with co-author Melanie Evans called Dancing With Water: The New Science of Water. After learning that water has memory and consciousness, that water can still contain the frequency of contaminants after being cleaned, and after learning about primary water and dowsing, new understanding and rethinking is in order about what we know about the pH balance of water and our bodies.

You will learn about Victor Schauberger's contribution about why the spin or vortex of water is so important and how the spin of water makes it come alive or become energized. We discuss why implosion is good for water and find out how hydrogen relates to hydration and why hydrogen-rich water is so important on a number of levels for health, anti-aging and well being. You will learn that some of the most ancient ways of carrying, storing, and refining water still hold true today and are good for water and for us. Join us for a rich segment about the substance we are made of and need for all aspects of life.