Friday, September 9, 2011

Military Illustrated Modeller 2011-06

Welcome fo Military Illustrated Modeller No.2, AFV Edition (to save page-space, from now on I will refer to it simply as MiM-AFV!) Echoing Brett's words last issue, I am delighted to be at the joint-helm of this new publication; 'my' AFV edition will come out six times per year, alternating monthly with the six issues of Brett's Aircraft Edition. We have invested extensively in MiM-AFV and Aircraft and the luxury of high-grade paper will really let the photos of models shine. Of course, it's not just the paper that makes the models look good - the builds have to be top-notch to start with and I feel quite privileged to have some serious modelling talent on board. Angus Creighton, Pat Johnston, Stan Spooner, Eelke Warrink and Marcel Jussen have all joined us for this first AFV edition with some really varied subject matter, and I think you'll agree that their work is inspirational. Angus brings us his amazing build of Dragon's Sd.Kfz.7/1 Flakvierling and his unique and influential style is instantly recognisable; it's great to have him back in our pages. Pat's 1:48 armour-model work needs no introduction. He has taken Tamiya's recent quarter-inch scale Jagdtiger and given it a twist by finishing it in a factory red-oxide primer, very cool. Stan is TMMI's USA Consultant Editor and he's a pretty damn good modeller too. He has built DES Kits' 1:35 resin Laffly armoured-car to an amazingly high standard and it's certainly something a little different.