Monday, September 5, 2011

ELENIN - SIGNS & DESIGNS - the Truth revealed by James Horak


Randy Maugans interviews James Horak on OffPlanet Radio

In the short period since December 10, 2010, when a russian amateur astronomer named Leonoid Elenin staked out the body known as C/2010 XI, designated as a comet; it has taken on near mythological proportions on the internet. "Comet" Elenin has been the source of much apocalyptic speculation, theorizing, and posturing from new age prognosticators and conspiracy theorists, to semi-famous scientists... and even the famous NASA "buzz rooms" where science is trumped by hubris. It seemed time to inject a bit of wisdom into the topic... in an "offplanet" way, and to that end James Horak returns.

To understand Elenin, we need to understand the mechanics of the galaxies from the perspective of intelligent design and guidance. Previously, James has presented on the EMVs... intelligent, spiritual extraterrestrial "managers of energy" in the solar system - a discovery revealed by Dr. Norman Bergrun, of the Ames Space Center, in the 1986 book, "The Ringmakers of Saturn."

In recent months, several pundits have advanced speculation that Elenin is not a comet, due to changes in course and velocity, which are uncharacteristic of a natural interplanetary object. Moreover, it has been noted that it now appears that Elenin is not a single object, but a host for a "swarm" of other objects.

NASA (Never A Straight Answer) has glibly declined to commit to the status of the object... the internet rumor mill is vibrant... WHAT is Elenin? We offer a view not popular with the status quo of science, and one that strikes some intriguing questions... about Elenin, humanity, and the masters of control on Planet Earth.

Other topics touched are the human origins, the faked Apollo missions, the Moon, Mars, ETs versus EBEs, the EMVs, the hidden second technology, BP Oilspill, Katrina, Haiti earthquake; principles of economics, trade and banking, the resculpting the North American continent, the hostile alien thesis, the Office of Astronomical Telegrams and much more...

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