Monday, September 26, 2011

Cassino Italy January-May 1944

Cassino also includes the brand new Infantry Aces escalation campaign system, which is an escalation campaign system that focuses on infantry companies. With Infantry Aces you will earn medals and promotions as you command a small infantry company and lead them to glory. Whether you are new to infantry forces or a seasoned veteran, Infantry Aces will open up a whole new world of tactics for you to explore. You will have to make full use of all support weapons at your disposal, including mortars, machine-guns and light anti-tank guns, in order to achieve victory on the battlefields of Cassino. In this campaign, you will begin the game with a small force. As you fight your way through, your command will expand to include new platoons. Your battles will determine the fate of the campaign. Will the Germans hold against the determined Allied assaults, or will the Allies break through and open the road to Rome?