Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Aeromodeller 1953-10

Probably the greatest surprise at the highly successful World Championships meeting at Cran�eld was the belated announcement that, as the rules for the Wakefield Trophy event call for a tliree-round contest,, the decision of the Jury was a three-country tie, the fourth fly-off only being a means of deciding who should hold the actual trophy. Whilst this was naturally gratifying from a nationalist viewpoint, we fail to understand how this tallies with the printed Rule 10, which states: "If two or more competitors make the same score the final placing shall be established by a fourth flight which will be timed to the end". In our opinion the official decision detracts from what was a very definite and clcar-cut American win, and we trust that the F.A.I, will speedily sort out a clarification of this, and other rulings that have proven embarrassing in practice.