Thursday, September 1, 2011

Aeromodeller 1953-09

AS ardent aeromodellers, we often chafe under the strain of not being able to inform our readers of events immediately they take place and in this direction arc sometimes envious of our contemporaries on the daily news-sheets. Not for them is the planning and writing for a date that seems so far ahead when hitting the typewriter that one never seems sure of which month in the year we live! However, we gladly suffer the penalties of producing a monthly magazine, knowing that even if wc published the AeRomodeller every week, such is the cussedness of things, events would still occur which would date the news. However, we feel proud of our curront efforts in bringing news of the double World Championship Meeting at Cranfield in what must be record time. Normal publication date did not allow of holding back the magazine in a hectic rush to print our usual fully illustrated report, and the answer is therefore the Special International Supplement that accompanics each copy of this edition, giving as it does brief details of the events as a whole.