Thursday, August 11, 2011

Tank Power Vol.328 - T-34 Vol.VI

The following study is devoted to the history of tank T-34 production in Kharkov from the beginning of 1941 to the evacuation of the Plant No. 183 named after Kommintern in October 1941. It is the history of series production, carried out modifications and construction changes introduced in course of production, and designing of the development T-34M version. Another subjects of this study are: the tank T-34 fitted with the 57mm calibre gun ZIS-4 and flamethrowers, and the tank with additional applique armour. Documentary materials which were used by the author for the purpose of this monograph make this study innovative. The cognitive scope of these archive documents is remarkable. For the first time we discover actual progress of T-34 modification works carried out from 1940 to 1941. It is also explained, so far unclear and laden with mistakes, the issue of interpreting the designations given to T-34 modifications. The author, as it can be presumed, definitely decides this issue and distinguishes T-34M, T-34T and T-60 designations.