Friday, August 26, 2011

Tank Power Vol.318 - Samochody Pancerne wz.29 wz.34

Apart from trackcd vehicles and armoured trains, the equipment of the Polish Armoured Forces also included armoured cars. Despite their big success during the war against the USSR in 1920, this type of armoured equipment was not duly developed and modernised afterwards. In the strategic plans of the future Polish-Soviet war (the Soviet Union was regarded as a potential and dangerous enemy al most until the outbreak of war) it was taken into account that operations might take place in areas with poor road network, where the majority of routes were field ways or macadam roads. The Polish armoured cars were rear wheel drive vehicles with moderate off-road mobility, so in the case of Polish-Soviet war their combat value would be doubtful. Another important factor was the fact that for many years the units equipped with armoured cars had been organised like cavalry rather than armoured units. In September 1939, despite their obsolete equipment, the armoured car squadrons engaged in uneven fight against Panzerwaffe and Red Army troops and were often successful in the struggle against the aggressor.