Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Soviet War Machine part2

With more than 100,000 words of descriptive text and accurate data, hundreds of action photographs, most of which are in full color, over 200 full color and line detailed drawings, many comparative tables and charts, plus eight original maps and diagrams, THE SOVIET WAR MACHINE is a unique volume. Never before has there been such an extensive compilation of information and illustration on the already vast and increasingly powerful fighting forces of the Soviet Union and her Warsaw Pact allies. In 248 pages the book traces the history of the Soviet military forces from the 1917 Revolution, and reveals their known strengths today. Expert authors of international repute describe in fascinating detail the weapons, the tactics, the strategies, the leaders and the personnel. They evaluate the equipment � from infantry pistol to nuclear missile � as a potential threat to Western nations. They describe what is to some the alarming increase in Soviet military strength, pinpointing the major bases close to the West-facing borders, and detailing the range and probable targets of many nuclear armed missiles. Russian reconnaissance aircraft and "spy ship" routes are plotted on colored maps which also reveal the positions of warship building yards, major air force bases, ground force emplacements in the USSR and in other Warsaw Pact countries, and also, incredibly, where important strategic missile test sites are situated.