Thursday, August 11, 2011

The Soviet War Machine part1

Operation Barbarossa, Hitler's plan to conquer the Soviet Union in June 1941, was based on the swift massacre of the Red Army. Though the Russian casualties in men and equipment were grievous, the final outcome was victory for the Soviet Union. This victory was not gained by numbers alone. In many cases, most notably the T-34 tank, the Soviet weapons were the best in the world. Throughout what the Soviets call The Great Patriotic War they were also supplied with arms and equipment by their Allies. This may have surprised Stalin and his fellow-members of the Politburo, because according to the teaching of Marx and Lenin the Capitalists forever seek to destroy the Communist world. The massive Allied help demonstrated the falsity of this teaching. So too did the years after 1945 when the Communist world could indeed have been destroyed by American nuclear weapons, but was not. Instead the Allies watched sadly as their former comrades in arms pulled down the Iron Curtain and embarked on The Cold War. At that time the advanced Capitalist nations called themselves "The Free World", and though this is no longer fashionable its accuracy continues to be a devastating indictment of the Soviet way of life. It serves no useful purpose for anyone in the Free World to proclaim that the Capitalists have no wish to harm the Communist world. The readers of this book know this to be true, but it still cuts no ice with the Soviet government, any more than do the facts of history related above. From the Kremlin pours a ceaseless barrage of propaganda concerning the wicked intentions of the Capitalists. These intentions were spelt out by Marx and Lenin, so there is nothing more to be said. It is this rigid dogma which has both spurred and made possible today's Soviet War Maohine.