Saturday, August 27, 2011

Secret Access: UFO's on the Record, Aired August 25, 2011

Source: History Channel

The film features in-depth accounts by people who are willing to risk their jobs and
reputations to speak out about their extraordinary experiences, such as former Arizona
Governor Fife Symington III; Nick Pope, former head of the British Defense Ministry's
UFO Investigative Unit, and others. Commentary is provided by investigative journalist
Leslie Kean, author of the NY Times bestseller UFOs: Generals, Pilots and Government
Officials Go On the Record, who spent ten years studying the UFO phenomenon and
bringing together high level sources from around the world.

Sightings of strange lights and darting orbs are reported from all over the world, and most
are easily explained. But a few other cases present evidence that UFOs are real. SECRET
ACCESS: UFOs ON THE RECORD focuses on claims that cannot be ignored: sightings
over a nuclear-armed military base near Phoenix, a forest in England, a small city in
Belgium. These remarkable eyewitness stories are illustrated with actual source materials
such as footage, radar images and voice recordings from NASA, the Air Force and the

Although the government has determined such episodes to be "insignificant," records
have nonetheless been confiscated, and the experts were sworn to secrecy...until now.

Aired: 25th August 2011