Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Military Modelcraft International 2009-09

From Hong Kong, Vulcan Scale Models, a new manufacturer of plastic kits presents a wonderful surprise for everyone who likes British stuff. The Ordnance QF 2 Pounder Anti Tank Gun was one the best early-war anti-tank guns. Initially developed as a tank-gun it was fitted to a few tanks, such as the Valentine and Matilda. Employed in Norway and during the French campaign with good results, it also served in the Western Desert and in South-East Asia. It proved obsolete, however, against the Panzer III and IV and was superseded by the 6 pdr gun in 1942. It remained in service until end of war in the Pacific theatre and also a few captured ones were used by the German army on D-Day. Vulcan's kit comes in a small package with only the instructions and two grey-coloured sprues containing around 100 parts. No decals are included. The moulded parts are not on the same level as Dragon or Tamiya, but nevertheless show good detail. On some parts there is a little flash, while others will prove a challenge to remove from the sprues. Most importantly though, they fit together very well. A highlight are the tyres made of five layers to detail the treadpattern to a high level. It's possible to build the gun in either firing or transport mode.