Wednesday, August 3, 2011

MiG Aircraft Since 1937

If every human were to be asked 'Name a type of aeroplane', it is a fair bet that the most common answer would be 'MiG' To millions, this is the only 'name' they know. Of course, a MiG can be any of many types of aeroplane, but until very recently � when the previously unknown require ment to stay solvent led to a rash of konversiya projects - almost every MiG was a high-performance fighter. During what Russians call the Great Patriotic War MiG lighters did not enjoy the massive success gained by those designed by Yakovlev and Lavochkin. Soon after the war, how ever, Britain shortsightedly sent to Moscow the most powerful turbojet then available in the world. This engine made possible the MiG-15, an aircraft which catapulted the name 'MiG' into the headlines. Once on top, the MiG design team's talent and speed of reaction kept it there, and it has been world-famous ever since.