Saturday, August 6, 2011

Kagero Topshots 11 - GAZ-67B

The GAZ-67B, commonly known as the "Chapayev", was a light cross-country vehicle designed in response to the Red Army requirement for a robust, fast, four-wheel-drive, all-terrain car. At the time, the Red Army lacked a purpose-built liaison and reconnaissance vehicle and it was felt that GAZ-type truoks and motorcycles were not fulfilling' the role very well. The Russian army had sponsored projects to develop a light cross-country vehicle as early as 1938. The first type to enter series production was the GAZ-61. It had been designed by the V.A. Grachov design bureau und Incorporated components from the GAZ-AA and GAZ-M1 vehicles. Production was phased ouc in 1941. In 194 1 the design bureaus received the technical specifications for a new offroad vehicle. Its main task was to be reconnaissance missions. Furthermore, the vehicle had to be capable of towing a 45 mm AT gun. have provision for mounting u heavy machine gun and carry up to 300-400 kg of payload. The design phase was completed fairly quiokly. The Gorkly Automobile Works (GAZ) in-house design bureau produced a prototype of what became the GAZ-64, which entered mass production in autumn 1941. Based on its predecessor, the GAZ-61, the new design incorporated many components from truck types already in production.