Friday, August 19, 2011

Junkers Ju-88 Pilot's Notes

Ju 88 is "one man's aeroplane" when speaking about flying it, as one man, the pilot, is able to use and oversee the engine and flying controls during normal flights. Only during longdistance flights manual pump has to be used in transfer pumping of lubricant, and in special cases manual operation of flicl valves and pump in transfer pumping of fuel is tasked to two other men (wireless operator or machine gunner). Table of performance values for the plane (sec figures 7, 8 and 9) in question can be found in it's slot in the upper middle part of the instrument panel. Maximal pcrmissable values for engines are marked in the indicators and instruments with red line or self illuminating markings. Different controls have explanation al signs. In turning flight only small deflection of rudder is required. Amount of banking is determined by the use of turn and bank instrument. Trim changes when adjusting landing flaps and also when retracting and lowering the undercarriage cause such a small lateral moment in the entire speed range, that it can be easily compensated with small elevator response. When adjusting the elevator trim plane slightly tail heavy. Difference in the flying attitude on the other hand when landing flaps are closed and on the other hand when the landing flaps arc Hilly opened and elevator is set in the corresponding position (landing- and cruise positions), is large. Therefore when gliding special attention has to be paid on the speed indicator.