Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hitler's Second Army - The Waffen-SS

Perhaps no army in history has emerged with a reputation quite like that of the force known by the two letters 'SS'. This work is an attempted objective account of the 'second army' formed by men whose goals were entirely military and experimental, soldiers with ideas very different to their political masters. Unlike most other works on this often controversial subject, this effort includes unique testimony by the men involved, both as organizers and combat soldiers who experienced in their youth some of the biggest and most intense battles of the Second World War. These collected post-war accounts have to be an essential ingredient in such a history; the quoting of copious 'Himmler documents' may appear academic but it is a sure way to obtain a distorted picture. Apart from which, in view of the well known accusations levelled at these elite troops it is quite unjust to ignore their version of events, they deserve a fair hearing if only for the sake of a factual history.