Friday, August 26, 2011

Helikoptery Wojskowe 1974-1982

This volume describes the world's main military helicopters developed during the 80s, employing the experience gained during the Vietnam and Middle East wars of the previous decade. Although an American AH-64 Apache is sometimes considered for being the veiy first of the 90s generation of helicopters, several earlier designs, like French AS-350 and AS-365, are not so widely adopted yet, and their military sales are expected to rise when Gazelle and Lynx disappeared from the market. In such circumstances they will be covered in a still separate volume containing the last rotor craft of the XXth Century, like Kamov Hokum, EH-101 and Tigre. You will find here four totally different designs, born after 1970, put into production after 1973 and exceeding the military sales level of at least 300 vehicles each before 1988. We can easily argue trying to determine the real "father" of the helicopter - every success has a lot of them (leaving the breakdowns orphaned, as the proverb says). Surely 1907 was the year and France was the country, where Paul Cornu and Louis Breguet made - independently of each other - the first flyable VTOL rotor-driven manned aircraft.