Saturday, August 6, 2011

Dragon Models 2007

The word "Smart", in relation to modern electronic applications (smart ID cards, smart kids etc.) and even the automotive industry (smart cars), is closely associated with images such as "advanced", "convenient", and "high quality of life". Such aspects are closely in tune with Dragon's new specialized series of model kits. Past trends in model kits have given the priority to detail and accuracy. The typical approach of most kit manufacturers is to break all their assemblies down into dozens of tiny components, regardless of the complexity needed to assemble them. It is also a fact that Dragon's kits are lauded the world over for their amount of detail and their wise application of technology. Yet, with much vigorous debate going on about accuracy and details, some modelers seem to have overlooked the importance of the engineering aspect of model kits. The fact is that a cleverly designed kit will not only reach the same desired level of detail and accuracy, but will also make it a joy to build. A better-looking kit with fewer parts...imagine that! The saying, "Work hard or work smart", definitely applies here, with Dragon's engineers having cleverly developed a kit that will make the modeler's life a lot simpler. We call this series the Smart Kit, because it is a customized solution especially engineered to make building easier and more fun, without sacrificing any quality in the end product! Dragon's enormous expertise in design and engineering is producing more advanced kits with less individual parts, making them immensely simpler and faster to assemble.