Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aeromodeller 1956-08

Twenty-miles-per-hour winds under overcast, with an occasional flash of sunlight and slight rain soon sorted out those who could tow without breaking their wings. It was a ease of making 1:30 or collecting a thermal for a maximum in the early stages and there were ten people with six minutes on the scoreboard after the end of the thermal-prone second round. Misfortune struck Geoff Lefever's finely-trimmed Altair as it caught a turhulator pin on another's towline and spun to earth, and many a launch became a snap loop or winch throwing gamble in the high wind, Norman Marcus held on till the nylon line broke! At tea break, with three rounds gone, all honour went to Reg and Fred Roxall, the indistinguishable twins from Brighton who shared nine minutes each with Ron Gould of Southend. There were many others well in the running, and the fourth round served to eclipse Reg tioxall, brtnging G. Roberts out to top place. It also saw the demise of Burwood from Blackheath who had been in fifth place. The order was then Roberts, Winder, F. Boxall and Gould; but the final team was still much in doubt until the closing minutes of the fifth and last round. Conditions had changed to a mixture of thermal and downdraught, and it was more than cruel to young Winder of De H. Hatfield, who ran his legs off all over the field to get out of a downdraught area and still came down from full height at 1:17. Gould was similarly unfortunate, and these two vacancies in the top quartette let Neville Willis of Anglia (Chelmsford) and Country Member Bob Amor (Ilford) through to the team as they each collected fifth round lift.