Thursday, August 4, 2011

Aeromodeller 1956-06

Sgt. E. A. Harris, winner of the A.T.C. Aero-modelling contest mentioned last month, was entertained by Messrs. Kelvin Hughes the instrument makers, as part of his prize. The visit he made to their works also included a flight over his own home, and he is shown piloting the Auster aircraft in the picture above. Sgt. Harris also handled some of the latest marine electronic equipment used for locating whales, and other modern instruments such as a periscopic sextant, specially designed to enable star sights to be taken from high speed aircraft at great altitudes. His prize day was rounded off by a visit to Cinerama. All of which only goes to show where a little aeromodelling can get you! The British Youth Festival Committee have sent us details of what is described as "a holiday camp for young aeromodellers", to be held at Vrchlabi in North Bohemia by arrangement with the Czechoslovak Union of Youth. Hostel accommodation is provided, and there is a full programme of social, recreational and modelling activity. One day of the holiday, which lasts for approximately 14 days, will be spent in Prague and the cost is approximately �35. On enquiry we established that the definition of a "young aeromodeller" in this case means anyone between the ages of 14 and 30. Immediate application is necessary on the part of any interested British modellers.