Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Aeromodeller 1956-04

A Nationwide eliminating contrat to be held at 24 specified flying sites on May 26/27 will constitute the first leg for selection of the U.S.A. international teams, followed bv semi-finals 3 or 4 weeks later which take place in only four places in that vast country. One has 11 be a keen and hardened traveller to want to gain a place in the U.S. teams: but the advanced planning will make this years' selection more satisfactory than before. Recent cricket news from Pakistan included the Lahore meeting between the Pakistan and M.C.C. teams, and it will probably come as a shock to cricket diehards that regular control-line displays were given on the ground by the Lahore club. The lads normally fly at the famous race-course and quite a number of models have been lost in the thcrmals which abound there since the simple fitting of a d/t is a complication they prefer to do without! The 6th All-Pakistan meeting was held at Lahore early in the New Year: but attendance was lefts than one-quarter of normal, solely due to the restriction of imports and complete lack of aeromodelling supplies. Mohammad Junaid, secretary of the Lahore Club would like to learn of any timber that would act as a balsa substitute and is available in his country�we would gladly pass on any suggestions; but at the same tune point out that balsa is not the only modelling medium. Many countries maintain a high standard of flying using nothing but "hardwoods", Spruce, Hirch and Obeche being Scandinavian favourites, and Pine, Cypress and Paulownia in wide use in Japan.