Thursday, August 11, 2011

Aeromodeller 1954-01

ORGANISED aeromodelling in Great Britain, as represented by the Society of Model Aeronautical Engineers, has pone through many phases that can be likened to growing pains. Well meaning though past efforts have been, the Society has never really met the day-to-day requirements of this rapidly growing hobby, for, within the scope of our knowledge, the governing body has no sooner met new conditions than the situation has again got ahead of current planning. Back in its earliest days, the S.M.A.E. came into being mainly as the result of the dissolution of the old Kite and Model Aircraft Association, and a new group was formed that operated to all intents and purposes as just another model club. As time went on, affiliations were formed witli other groups with similar interests until it eventually became obvious that the S.M.A.E. "club" as such was actively competing against its own associates. It was at this time that the first radical changc was made, and the " club " aspect was abandoned, a Council being elected which devoted itself more specilically to the organisation and furtherance of the hubby on a national scale. Individuals still retained their active aeromodelling interest by becoming members of other clubs, which in turn affiliated to the Society and competed in events organised by an administration operating under the authority ot the Royal Aero Club.