Thursday, August 25, 2011

Aeromodeller 1953-08

WHAT can there be new to a control-line stunter? Convention has settled upon the plain monoplane with flaps coupled to elevators and a mighty powerful engine mounted up front. Trevor Oliver and brother Dick ill New Zealand had other ideas, and after developing a series of models, settled upon the unique Vampire Mk. V�a policy which won the N.Z. National stunt contest in 1952. First and foremost, this is a special design for tight lines. Unorthodox wing ducts are arranged in an offset manner to pull the model outwards in just the same way as naval paravanes were kept away from parent ships in wartime. Then a roller form of control is installed to provide an almost unlimited, unrestricted elevator/flap movement, and this, coupled with a slowish airspeed and the duct effect, enable some spectacular manoeuvres to be executed.