Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aeromodeller 1952-12

LOOKING back, 1952 has been fairly kind to aeromodellers, for the majority of contest dates have produced flyable� and in some cases almost unbelievably fine�weather. This unusual toleration on the part of the Clerk of the Weather has been nowhere more noticcablc than at the major Rallies, for pcrfcct model flying conditions attended the Northern Heights Gala (as usual !) and the All-IIcrts. Rally in the South, similar conditions obtaining farther North for the " Yorkshire Evening News " and " Daily Dispatch " Rallies, an unfortunate postponement of the Litter meeting being perhaps fortuitous in the long run. This clemency extended to the Wakefield and Glider Trials at Digby, though the abundance of thermals at this meeting made Team selection more of a chancy affair than usual. Unfortunately, conditions were just the opposite at Fairlop for the Power Team selection, and yet again that arch-enemy of aeromodellers, Wind, spoilt what could otherwise have been a memorable Nationals.