Friday, August 19, 2011

Aeromodeller 1952-11

It is many years since an International contest was won by a proxy flier, our last recollection being the Wakefield win of Gordon Light's model flown by Tommy Ives at the old Great West Aerodrome in 1935. It will come as a-surprise therefore to most readers to learn that the 1052 International Power Championships was won by that well known Bradford aero-modeller Silvio Lanfranchi, proxy flying what was apparently an unofficial entry belonging to Barry Wheeler of Birmingham. We do not propose at this stage to comment on the ethics of a Team Manager flying an entry not authorised by the Governing Body, for we understand that these unusual circumstances arc under review by the Council, and we await their findings with interest. We trust that the investigation will also consider the last minute action of the Swiss organisers in raising the team numbers from four to five, for it is reasonable to assume that this alteration actuated largely in the introduction of Wheeler's machine. It surprises us that an event scheduled on the F.A.I. Calendar can be modified in this manner without due reference.