Friday, August 19, 2011

Aero Australia July-September 2011

The first Airbus Military KC-30A (A330MRTT) tanker-transport for the RAAF was formally handed over on 1 June at a ceremony at RAAF Amberley. The aircraft (A39-003) had arrived at the base on 30 May after travelling from Madrid via McCarran AFB (Nevada) and Hickam AFB (Hawaii). A39-003 is the second KC-30Aconverted byQanlas Defence Services in Brisbane before returning to Europe for painting and finishing. It will be joined by the second aircraft in June and two others later in the year. The fifth and final aircraft arrived in Brisbane for conversion in May will be delivered next year. The RAAF s KC-30As are equipped with two underwing refuelling pods, the fly-by-wire Airbus Military Aerial Refuelling Boom System (ARBS) and a Universal Aerial Refuelling Receptacle Slipway Installation (UARRST)enabling it to be refuelled from another tanker. Powcrplants arc two 72,OOOIb (302.2kN)thrust General Electric CF6-80E turbofans and it Is fitted with a comprehensive defensive aids suite and 270 passenger seats.