Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Academy Hobby Model Kit 2003-2004 Catalog

In the plastic modeling industry, the competition is talented and driven. Yet no one is more passionate than Academy. We are resolved to deliver the most articulated models modern technology and dedicated artisans can produce. Where possible, we go to great lengths throughout the world to examine the prototype. We take hundreds of photos, make precise measurements, and acquire genuine blueprints. Only when our analysis of the original has been thorough, does the reproduction process begin. Our drive for perfection is supported by advanced technology, talented designers, experienced engineers and skilled craftsmen. Most possess keen modeling skills. For them, creating a model is not merely a job. It's a passion, a quest for perfection. The critical step of developing parts drawings uses the latest CAD (Computer Aided Design) techniques. 3-D modeling software programs help create the final drawings. Academy's CAD/CAE/CAM process is carefully integrated with our entire product development cycle, and coupled with our new CNC molding machines, we can create any shape and wall thickness with error-free tolerances. This combination of skilled specialist and sophisticated equipment allows us to economically impart realism previously unattainable in plastic model kits. From precise scale to exacting detail, we capture the essence of the original. To mimic life to the fullest. Academy generally provides more parts in every kit, leading to more satisfaction for the earnest modeler. Some tanks feature treads that are built one link at a time as well as amazing interior detailing. Uniforms are creased with care. Movable gun turrets add realism. Helicopters are packed with armament. Aircraft carriers have flight decks filled with scale aircraft. Our mastery of the little things is legendary.