Monday, July 18, 2011

Tigers in the Mud

We soldiers of the former German Wehrmacht are thankful to Fedorow-icz Publishing for the English-language editions of German books concerning World War II. Through these publications, the defamation of the German soldier in film, television, and the press has been countered, and the picture of the Wehrmacht has become a more objective one by means of the help offered by many sources. We are especially gratef ul when we think of our fallen comrades who, together with volunteers from all countries of Western Europe, fought to be saved from communism and whose memory has been stained by defamation. Unfortunately, we have had to experience firsthand how war memorials have been destroyed and desecrated in our own country while "memorials in honor of the unknown deserter" have been ceremoniously dedicated in Bremen, Hamburg, and Bonn. This despicable behavior is probably unthinkable in any other country.