Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Mr.Single Shot's Book of Rifle Plans

For many years a dream of mine was to design and build a non-bolt action single shot rifle I could call all my own. That dream was slow in being fulfilled and 1 kept telling myself I had good reasons for putting it off. Anyway, my dream action had to be different from all others and it had to be of simple design and construction, but most of all it had to be one I could make in my modestly equipped home workshop. It was the late John Amber, who edited my book Single Shot Rifles and Actions, who shook me into action. Nearing the end of his editing job on this book, he called me with a request to write one more chapter describing what I thought was the ideal single shot action in view of the fact that I had found some fault with almost every action covered in the book. The result was Chapter 52. The trouble was that in writing that chapter I designed an action which I could not make. That action, however, with some changes became the DeHaas-Miller action which I have described in another book. As soon as Single Shot Rifles and Actions came on the market 1 began receiving many inquiries from readers, many of whom were aspiring gun designers and those desiring to make their own single shot rifle from scratch. I had no idea there were so many. A letter and a visit from one of them indirectly challenged me with the end result of coming up with our FM No. 1 VAULT LOCK action design and building a couple of rifles on it.