Thursday, July 21, 2011

Military Modelling 1997-11

When sculpting miniature faces, it's very important to get some character and attitude in the figure, as this will bring some personality into your work, thus avoiding your figure looking like a mannequin doll wearing a uniform. Always try to remember that there is a person with a personality underneath that uniform and equipment. Make sure the expression and features match the subject, its pose, character and suchlike which is what I believe brings some figures into the world of art. This article will deal with how I tried to get 'all of this personality' into a 1:9 scale bust, a freelance item I did for the American company 'Fort Duquesne'. I always start my face sculpting on a carved down resin casting of a head I did some time ago. First of all, I decide what kind of attitude I want my face to have. In this case, I wanted to show the mean, suspicious looking face of a knight hospitaller; (probably planning plots and intrigues against his rivals, the Templars!) I also believe this suited the subject quite well. The facial features were built up using A&B putty. The tools were a sharpened tooth pick and, most important, sable brushes. These are perfect for smoothing out and blending putties, especially when working them freshly mixed.