Saturday, July 16, 2011

Military Modelling 1997-07

With the release of Mike Good's fantastic 120mm Jacobite, Culloden figure released through Kirin, I guess that it was inevitable that it would spawn a 'Highlander' bust. Raul Latorre has fulfilled this by sculpting a superb 1:10 scale bust for the Spanish company Elite Miniatures. As a follow up to my previous article, (although this kit was released before the 93rd Highlander) 1 thought I'd share some of the techniques I used in painting this figure. This resin kit comes in five parts; the bonnet, head, two hair castings and torso with attached pedestal. Construction was pretty straightforward for a resin product, although I had to spend some time making good joins and gaps. Although the face is striking, and sells the figure on it's own merit, I was rather taken by the dramatic air of action created by the angled shoulder line and turned head which I have not seen in any other bust previously. Added to this, I can't resist Highlanders as painting subjects. Again, I will highlight a few of the techniques used in creating my representation of a Jacobite in the thick of the Battle of Culloden in 1746.