Friday, July 15, 2011

Military Modelling 1997-06

Robert Love, David's father, had been a gun layer aboard HMS Eskimo, a Tribal .class Destroyer during WWII and the tales of "action stations!" ... The stink of cordite, the noise of discharge, and the clatter of shrapnel on the housing filled many quiet evenings in the Love household.' The inspiration for this particular model was based on David's memories of his dad's stories and from the pages of the first Military Modelling Annual published in 1974. The article in question was entitled HMS Wild Goose by John Lambert, a most comprehensive account of this Royal Navy sloop, accompanied by photographs, line drawings and scale plans, both of the ship and of greater interest to us, scale plans of-a twin 4-inch Mark XIX gun mounting. It can indeed be most rewarding and refreshing to browse through old copies of Mil Mod. This particular weapons system was universally installed on a variety of ships, from the mighty, but ill-fated HMS Hood to the humble sloop -in this case the Black Swan class. It fulfilled a dual purpose function, giving excellent accounts in anti aircraft and bombardment roles, it was the main armament of destroyers, frigates and escorts and was the secondary armament of most classes of cruisers. Much has been written about the gun mounting and I would commend the reader to John Lambert's article for more detail.