Thursday, July 14, 2011

Military Modelling 1996-03

One of the better known personalities of the Napoleonic period is Joachim Murat. A dashing and charismatic cavalry commander, Murat was also a Marshal of the Empire and was equally famous for his flamboyant uniforms which he personally designed Lc Cimier recently released a 90mm figure of Murat in one of his most colourful of garbs -a red hussar style uniform that he is reported to have worn in 1807. A figure dressed in a uniform of a single colour presents a challenge to the painter, more so when that colour is red. My technique is to vary the base colour of each uniform item to achieve subtle differences between each item of clothing, while maintaining an overall red colour. Accoutrements that were made of different materials a'.so varied in colour and texture. For example, when depicting red leather items, I mixed small amounts of earth tones into the base colours and a little stand oil to give these items a slight sheen. Red can be a challenging colour to paint because it is difficult to shade and highlight. Intense shadow colours and minimal highlights seem tu work best for me. Highlighting is tricky because white highlights will give the figure a pinkish tone and yellow highlights an orange tone.