Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Mike Adams | Food & Health, July 24, 2011

Source: coasttocoastam.com, Mike Adams

July 24, 2011�George Knapp was joined by Mike Adams, editor of NaturalNews.com, for a discussion on the negative effects of processed foods.

Adams contended that the "main effect" of food consumed today is to "promote nutritional deficiencies and cause degenerative disease." While he conceded that "by and large" this is not done intentionally by the food industry, it is the end result of the over-processed nature of today's food supply.

Adams used white sugar as an example of this trend, noting that raw cane is rich in minerals and nutrients, but these are taken out when the sugar is processed to make it white. Ironically, the byproduct of this process sees the positive elements of the cane end up in black molasses which goes into food for farm animals. "They feed the deficient white sugar to human beings while the farm animals get the nutrition that's missing," he lamented.

"If you're suffering from a food addiction," Adams said, "that's actually by design." To that end, he revealed that while food companies appear to have stopped using MSG, they've merely switched to a "new, hidden form" of the chemical called yeast extract. The additive is so prevalent, he said, that it can be found in "literally thousands of different products that are sold today." Ultimately, Adams encouraged people to shop locally from farmer's markets and food co-ops in order to get the most natural goods. While the cost may be higher, he stressed that, from a nutritional perspective, "organic produce is actually less expensive per gram of nutrient your getting," compared to cheaper processed foods.