Sunday, July 3, 2011

Max Igan | The Big Picture


Part 1 - A Global Conspiracy.
A Global Conspiracy does indeed exist. This opening chapter is intended to alert people to that fact.

Part 2 - Focuses on Planet X and where it fits into the world stage.

Part 3 - The Money Game.
Focuses mainly on the Global central banking system, ww2, and the creation of the CIA and UN.

Part 4 - The Long Arm of the Lawless.
Focuses mainly on Government sponsored terror, 911 and the creation and true nature of Al Qaeda.

Part 5 - Planet X & World War 3
Focuses on planet x, its effect on the human psyche and its possible relevance on the global stage.

Part 6 - Mind Wars
Focuses on the systems in place that are being used to create and project the false reality we currently live in.

Part 7 - Divided We Fall
Focuses on the reality we are creating for our future.

Part 8 - Reflections
Focuses on non compliance & the ways to create an alternate reality for our future.