Friday, July 1, 2011

Maurice Cotterell | FutureScience, The Cycles of the Sun & 2012


June 30, 2011�Author, Engineer and Scientist, Maurice Cotterell will discuss his latest book, FutureScience. FutureScience explains several topics such as how electricity and magnetism work together to produce the force of gravity, why the atom is comprised of 8 orbital shells, the nature of so-called 'dark matter', the reason why spiral galaxies are spiral shaped, why the centre of the Earth is red-hot, and how the Earth's magnetic field is generated.

These are some of the topics we'll discuss with Maurice in this interview. He'll begin talking about the need for holistic science that incorporates engineering, chemistry, physics, history, spirituality, etc. and talk about the "God within us" that allows us to figure things out. He'll tell us why CERN is a waste of money and time. Additionally, Maurice will talk about the Sun, its cycles, its effect on fertility, how it causes global-warming-and-global-cooling and its relationship to Mercury. Maurice will also tell us why the magnetic poles won't be flipping anytime soon and will dispel the myth about 2012.

Topics discussed: permanent magnetism, the sunspot cycle, gravity, genetics, cancer research, CERN, the science of the sun, the sun science of the Maya, the 11 year sunspot cycle, the magnetic field of Mercury and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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Maurice Cotterell - Secrets of the Super Gods