Saturday, July 30, 2011

Marc Stevens - Individual Sovereignty vs. Government Enslavement: The Politics of Voluntary Servitude, July 29, 2011


In this interview longtime legal researcher, author and radio host Marc Stevens parses the techniques that government uses on every level in the U.S.A. to intimidate and manipulate individuals into voluntary compliance with a fraudulent system.

Advocating degrees of non-compliance; describing himself as anti-violence, anti-human-farming, Stevens vociferously asserts that:
- The federal government has always been a tool of the super wealthy.
- All politics is diversion from the reality of the larger construct, away from the
underlying violence.
- We are participating in our own enslavement; complacent out of fear of reprisal.
- Government methods of intimidation into submission are criminal.
- While the burden of non-compliance with fraudulent systems lies with the
individual, questioning the system at any juncture with judges, police and
bureaucrats meets deflection, anger, and is dealt with punitively.

And much more.

Marc Stevens is the author of Adventures in Legal Land, a scathing expose on the true nature of government based on real court room experience. Marc also hosts The No State Project, a weekly radio show dedicated to bringing about a voluntary society, heard on 10 AM/FM affiliates. The show is live every Sat from 4-7pm est. Marc Stevens knows how to make judges and bureaucrats squirm and worry with his powerful method of simple critical questioning that deals with factual reality instead of legal fictions and deception.