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Marc Jonson - Years (us 1972)

Marc Jonson - Years (us 1972)

Born:  NY, United States

Currently:    Nashville, TN, United States

Also Known As: Mark Johnson

Genres: Singer/Songwriter, Baroque Pop

A1. Rainy Dues  3:53
A2. Mary  5:52
A3. Mother Jane
A4. Fly  2:08
B1. Long Son  5:15
B2. Autopsy  1:38
B3. Return to the Relief  5:51
B4. Munich  2:37
B5. The Tredmill 2:42

This record is fascinating in so many ways that it would take too much space for my lowbrow writing abilities. Anyway, what really baffles me is how snobs and connoisseurs spend their life salibating at incredibly rare,hopelessly dull, "conazo" records while major label artists like David Stoughton, Bob Brown or Jonson himself are still undervalued by everyone (just google his name to check).
How odd!
It's good to know there are still records out there that thrill me the way they used to in my youth.
How great!
 ~ by CarlosCastro (RYM).
I own the CD reissue signed by Mark Johnson, aka Marc Jonson, of this enchanting record originally released on Vanguard Records in 1972 and now available on Radioghost as a special product.
This is a truly magic listening experience that reflects the very peculiar recording process if we are to believe Marc/Mark Jonson/Johnson himself: "I used left over harpsichords from classical sessions the night before. I hired string players and a string arranger. I even met a street player named Steven Gardner who played the recorder and set him to task on a long instrumental part of one of the songs. It was very ahead of its time in many ways"
Amazing, isn't it?
By the way, Mark Johnson later recorded three powerpop CDs that are must-haves, even for earlier fans of the folk-psych-pop music to be found on 'Years'.
 ~ by popphil (RYM).

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