Thursday, July 7, 2011

Henry Makow | Zionism & Multiculturalism, July 6, 2011


July 6, 2011�Henry Makow is the author of "Cruel Hoax - Feminism and the New World Order" also "Illuminati - the Cult that Hicjaked the world". He's written exstensivley on his website about many different politically incorrect issues from Feminism and the Satanic Bankers to Free Speech, Zionism and much more. He is with us as the second guest in our series about Zionism, Israel and Multiculturalism.

Topics discussed: Zionism, Israel, 1972, Palestinians, the structure of Zionism, Freemasonry, cultural programing, fragmentation, Sayanim, Palestine and Israel, apartheid, cultural cohesion, multiculturalism, immigration, feminism, migration, satanic agenda, Lucifer, Illuminati, Weishaupt and more. ~Red Ice Creations

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