Wednesday, July 20, 2011

FlyPast 2009-06

The 'Spitfire-fest' that we have seen in recent months has involved three of the breed joining the UK civil register this month. All are part of the collection of London-based Paul Andrews. Paul's Mk.XVI TE184 (G-MKVI) arrived at Wycombe Air Park, Booker, Bucks, in October 2006 for restoration. It re-flew on February 20 this year and is the first of Paul's 'fleet' to take to the air. Kilo-Lima is the former RAF RM694, which has had a much-travelled post-service life; more recently it was with Warbirds of Great Britain and by the late 1980s had moved to Florida, USA. Charlie-Alpha served with the Israelis as 20-46 from 1948 and was with the Czechoslovak Air Force from 1945 to 1948. It was built for the RAF as TE517. The aircraft was brought to the UK from Israel by Robs Lamplough in 1977 and appeared briefly on the register as G-BIXP. Acquired by the late Charles Church in 1984, it was re-registered as G-CCIX. US collector Kermit Weeks moved it to Booker by mid-1990 and, in March this year, it was re-registered to Paul. Mike-Alpha is a former Belgian Air Force example (SG-25, built for the RAF as RM927) and is well under restoration by Airframe Assemblies at Sandown, Isle of Wight.