Monday, July 18, 2011

FlyPast 2009-04

After four years of restoration in Hungary, the fuselage of Junkers Ju 88D-1 0881203 '4N+EH' has returned to the Norwegian Aviation Museum at Bod0 in northern Norway. It will now undergo further work, including the completion of the interior, the tail assembly and undercarriage. The two Jumo 211 engines are being restored at the Wings Museum at Redhill, Surrey, while the wings are being overhauled at the Berlin Technical Museum, which is a copartner in the project. This is the third Ju 88 rebuild currently under way, the others being at Gardermoen in Norway and in Berlin. The Bod0 Ju 88, which is the sole D-1 survivor, had taken off from Hoybuktmoen near Kirkenes, Norway, on February 17,1943, to attack a Soviet cargo ship called the A Marti. The vessel had been spotted by a German U-boat southeast of Bear Island, situated half way between Norway and Spitzbergen. The crew on the ship managed to hit the raider with their guns, seriously damaging '4N+EH'. The aircraft failed in its efforts to return to its base and made an emergency landing on the Nordkynn flats in Norway. The crew members survived unhurt and were rescued the following day.