Saturday, July 16, 2011

FlyPast 2009-02

Efforts to return former Spartan Air Services DH Mosquito B.35 CF-HML to flight have gained momentum with its planned transfer to warbird restoration specialist Victoria Air Maintenance of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. Owner Bob Jens recently negotiated a contract with VAM to return the Mosquito to airworthy status by the end of March 2010. As FlyPdst went to press, CF-HML (RAF serial VR796) was waiting for bad weather to clear before taken by barge from Vancouver to Victoria, sheathed in plastic to protect it from the elements during the seven-hour transfer. Efforts to restore this machine began in 1966 when former RCAF pilot Don Campbell purchased it from Spartan as a project for his air cadet squadron. When his work co-ordinator passed away in the late 1970s, Don elected to move the aircraft across the country to British Columbia, where it passed into the care of Mike Meeker, in association with the Canadian Museum of Flight and Transportation. Much was achieved over the next five years, including completion of the wing and other flying services. But funding eventually dried up, and the Mosquito was sold and stored locally until its purchase by Bob in August 2000.