Monday, July 18, 2011

Asian Military Review 20110708

THE DRAGON Compact and the 2km range Dragon Long Range were launched in 2010 by Qioptiq. The Dragon C is the described as the world's smallest multi-use sight which can be used for Clip-on, stand alone and hand held requirements. The Clip-On sight is attached in line with an existing day sight and can also be used as a weapon sight in its own right or a hand held surveillance device. In June this year, Qipotiq added three more sights in the Dragon family; the Short Range, Medium Range and Sniper, all using 320x240 thermal cores with ranges beginning with 2km man detection range for the SR and 2.5km for the other two sights. Qioptiq7s Kite sight have been trialed with India since 2009 with a potential acquisition later this year with demonstrations of both the company's TI and 12 solutions also taking place. Qioptiq established a joint venture with local company Rolta in 2009. The company has also undertaken trials in several countries including Brazil, Malaysia and Singapore and has completed delivery of over 350 of its VIPR 2 sights for Australia's Land 125 Phase 2 programme. In June, the company completed a newl42g clip on thermal sight designed for use with the Thales Optronics Lucie -D goggle to create a fused imagery goggle. The company has plans to demonstrate the combined solution in the Asia-Pacific later this year.