Friday, July 22, 2011

Airfix Model World 2010-12

Hasegawa's 1/48 Phantom family first appeared more than two decades ago, and since then almost every sub-type has been kitted, with various re-release decal options. They have become the standard for F-4s in this scale, and have few faults. This F-4J boxing has a large decal sheet carrying VF-96 markings for Lt. Randall Cunningham's famous 'Showtime 100' airframe, but with a little trickery, and spare decals, one can easily portray Matt Connelly's Showtime 106 -the mount in which he and radar interception officer Tom Blonski destroyed two MiGs. On landing, Connelly discovered that squadron-mate 'Duke' Cunningham had downed three MiGs to make ace, and in mock disgust at being bettered by one more kill on the day, uttered one of his classic comments: "Always the bridesmaid, never the bride!" For those who have never built a Hasegawa Phantom before, they assemble easily, but the cockpits will benefit from extra detailing... although the level is up to you, of course. Here, we've relied on resin seats, plastic card, lead wire and some etched-metal parts. The jet will be portrayed as it stood after recovering, minus weapons and fuel tank, but with a scorched speed brake. During the battle, the flap was down when one of the Sidewinders was fired -hence the ensuing damage.