Thursday, July 28, 2011

Aeroplane Monthly 2011-09

THE ANNUAL FLYING Legends show at Duxford on July 9-10 featured several hitherto unseen formations, an increase in crowd numbers over last year, and a miraculous escape for pilots Rob Davies and Pierre Farges after a mid-air collision at the end of the second day of the show. Among the highlights of the event, organised by The Fighter Collection (TFC) in partnership with the Imperial War Museum Duxford. was a formation of four 1930's Hawker biplanes, comprising Demon Displays' Hawker Demon, the Shuttleworth Collection's Hawker Hind, a Nimrod I from TFC and a Nimrod II from the Historic Aircraft Collection. It was the first time such a sight has been seen since the glory days of the 1930s RAF pageants. Another formation which could never have been seen before featured four fighters from the Curtiss stable. Curtiss P-40F VH-PIV of TFC, which had arrived from Australia in a container in late June, made its debut alongside TFC's Curtiss Hawk 75 G-CCVH and P-40B Warhawk G-CDWH, and Christian Amara's La Fert� Alais-based P-40N, F-AZKU. For the first time since the filming of Memphis Belle at Duxford in July 1989, a trio of Hispano B�chons flew together, D-FMVS from the Air Fighter Academy at Heringsdorf, Germany, Duxford-based G-AWHE from Spitfire Ltd and the Aircraft Restoration Company's G-BWUE bringing to mind the famous strafing sequence from the Battle of Britain film.